Tank Machine Gun (Daiburn)
Tank Machine Gun - Tiger
Production Information

Heavy machine gun

Technical Specifications

7.92 mm

Magazine capacity


Used by


The Tank Machine Gun - Tiger is a heavy machine gun mounted in the Panzer VI Tiger heavy tank.


Tank Machine Gun sights (Daiburn)

The telescopic sights of the Tiger's machine gun.

This weapon is the primary defense against infantry for the tank. It is similar to the MG 42 used by infantry, but has a higher magazine capacity and has a magnification scope for an enhanced line of sight. Despite it's superiority in firepower and range, it can only be fired from the frontal side of the tank, making it less versatile than the Tiger's turret mounted 88 mm gun.

In GameEdit

Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit

The tank machine gun can be found mounted in the forward hull position of most Tiger tanks in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


  • The Tiger's machine gun is the same as that of the machine guns on other German tanks.
  • The machine on the Tiger is actually the MG 34, an older version of the MG 42.


Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit