Tank Machine Gun - Panzer III (Hamada al-Hamra)
Tank Machine Gun - Panzer III
Production Information

Heavy machine gun

Technical Specifications

7.92 mm

Magazine capacity


Used by

The Tank Machine Gun - Panzer III is tank machine gun mounted on the Panzer III medium tank in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


Tank Machine Gun - Panzer III

The sights of the machine gun.

The machine gun is very similar to the machine guns mounted on the heavier Panther and Tiger. It fires 7.92 mm rounds from a 250-round magazine, and has a standard optical sight fitted for firing at targets a long range off. It is the primary defense for the Panzer III against infantry and unarmored vehicles.

In GameEdit

The machine gun can easily be found mounted in the hull position of the Panzer IIIs that appear during Operation Nomad - Spaghetti Airport and Air Show in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


  • The Panzer III's machine gun is the same as that of the machine guns on other German tanks.
  • The machine on the Panzer III is actually the MG 34, an older version of the MG 42.


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