Sygurd Vesaah
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Eye color


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Chronological information

Resistance fighter

"I'm Sygurd, your contact."
―Sygurd Vesaah[src]

Sygurd Vesaah is a Norwegian resistance fighter in Hidden & Dangerous 2. He is your contact during Operation Snowball.


Sygurd is a Norwegian guide and resistance fighter. His cloths are general Scandanavian civilian attire. His only weapon present during Operation Snowball is a Luger P08 pistol with two magazine clips of ammunition. He is wearing civilian clothes.


Sygurd is first encountered during Operation Snowball - First Strike, in which he guides the British SAS team to the German Facility. If no non-suppressed weapons are ever shot, he will congratulate you, and guide you through the swamp. If loud shots are fired, he will chastise you, and lead you down the road instead. After guiding the team there, he departs to prepare the British Spitfire pilot for evacuation back to Britain. He is encountered again during Operation Snowball - Rendezvous. He is seen standing outside the cottage just before the German Sniper opens fire on the cottage. His fate is a optional objective.


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