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Michael Axemann (Banhira)
Micheal Axemann
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Germany (later Great Britain)

"I am a doctor, and my duty is to help all the human beings"
―Micheal Axemann[src]

Micheal Axemann is a German medic at the Banhira Oasis during Operation Nomad in Hidden & Dangerous 2. He is not dangerous and can be considered an ally.

Physical descriptionEdit

Micheal Axemann is German, but can speak and understand english. He has short dark hair and dark eyes, with fair skin tone typical of central Europeans. He is of medium build and height and is wearing the German military medic's uniform. Axemann's skills in the use of first aid is arguably the best encountered. He is equipped with three large first aid kits and two smaller ones, and others can be found all around him.


Axemann can be found treating a wounded German soldier in the mosque of the Banhira Oasis. While he believes his purpose in life is to help all human beings, and despite his political allegiances, he is willing to join the SAS team in fighting off a German attempt to retake the oasis.


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