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M4A2 Sherman (Takawi)
M4A2 Sherman
Production information

Medium tank

Technical specifications

5.95 meters


2.67 meters


2.74 meters


31,200 kg


34 kph


Light plating




Infantry support tank

Year introduced



The M4A2 Sherman, known to British forces as the Sherman III, is a medium tank that appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


The Sherman was one of the first successful Allied tanks of World War II. While still suffered in the face of far superior German tanks such as the Panzer V Panther and Panzer VI Tiger, it is still a capable infantry support tank and could handle combat against most Italian and Japanese vehicles. It has light armor plating, making it vulnerable to anti-tank guns and grenades. It weighs 31,200 kilograms and has a top speed of 34 km/h. It is armed with a short barrel 75 mm M3 Tank Cannon in the turret and a 7.62 mm machine gun in the hull for defense against infantry. The Sherman requires a crew of five to fully operate. It is 5.95 meters long, 2.67 meters wide, and 2.74 meters high.


The M4A2 Sherman was the second variant of the original M4 Sherman, which was developed in 1941. The M4A2 entered service at the same time the United States entered the war in Africa and Europe. Many M4 and M4A1 Shermans were already in service with British armored formations due to the Lend-Lease program. The M4A2 served with with many Allied armored units until the end of the war, with many other variants being developed from it.

In GameEdit

The Sherman first appears during Operation Stranger - Mountain King, in service with British SAS unit Bravo Six, and takes part in the attack on the Japanese bunker at Coordinate 170. This vehicle is eventually destroyed during the fighting. Another Sherman in American service appears during Operation Overlord - Blade Dancer, supporting the reinforcing US infantry in the town of Marolles.



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