Jiri Trebissky
Jiri Trebissky
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Resistance fighter


Jiri Trebissky is a Czech resistance fighter in Hidden & Dangerous 2. He works closely with British intelligence.

Physical descriptionEdit

Trebissky, like most central Europeans has fair skin and dark hair. His eyes are green and he has a light stubble. As he works undercover, Trebissky wears ordinary civilian clothes, but after his capture and torture by the Gestapo, he is left in bad physical shape.


Trebissky works with the underground Czech Resistance to sabotage and undermine German operations in Czechoslovakia. On January 29, Trebissky and other resistance fighters attacked a German supply convoy and stole plans for top secret armor designs for German vehicles. Trebissky informed British intelligence and an SAS team was deployed to retrieve the documents. Trebissky, however, was captured and interrogated by the Gestapo, and during the early hours of the morning of May 4, he dies shortly after being found by the SAS team.


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