Hello new Wikians! This is the Hidden & Dangerous Wiki's Welcome Page. Here we'd like to welcome you to the wiki, and give some general pointers in the direction we're heading.

As a new WikianEdit

As a new contributor to the Wikia network, you learn more about Wikia and all the other communities on the central wiki, Community Central. Also be sure to check out all the policies here on Hidden & Dangerous Wiki, as well as any others on Community Central. If you're not sure how Wikia works, feel free to ask at the forums here under General Discussion or at Community Central.

We're glad to have new contributors to encyclopedia and community. Read our Manual of Style and all our policies to make sure you understand our community in detail. Here we're heading towards being the biggest online source for the Hidden & Dangerous series. We may have a long way to go, but we're sure we'll make with your help.

So happy editing, and remember, "Who dares, wins!"

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