This is the Hidden & Dangerous Wiki's Manual of Style. Please read this to understand the article layout of the Hidden & Dangerous Encyclopedia.

Article layoutEdit

When creating a new article, place an infobox at the top of the page, using either the, {{Character}}, {{Weapon}}, {{Vehicle}} or {{Mission infoboxes}}.

Then place an opening paragraph giving a brief description of what it is you're writing about. Remember not too put to much information in the opening paragraph, otherwise it will spoil the rest of the article.

Under a Level 2 header titled "Description" for weapons, vehicles, missions, etc. or "Physical description" for characters, describe the necessary information about the topic of the article.

Then, under a Level 2 header titled either, "History" for weapons, vehicles, equipment, "Biography" for characters, or "Storyline" for missions or campaigns, describe the necessary information concerning about the history of the topic of the article.

The final section of the article should be placed under a Level 2 header titled "In Game". Under this header, place all relevant in game information, including specific descriptions of where the item in question can be found and if it can or cannot be used (for a article about a weapon or vehicle), or detailed a description of strategic points and locations of objectives and items of interest (for articles about missions or locations).

All information must be written in paragraph format, and information from Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2, including their expansions, must separated and placed under Level 3 headers.

Under another Level 2 header titled "Appearances", list the missions the item or character appeared in, remember to separate the mission from Hidden & Dangerous, Hidden & Dangerous 2, and their expansions using Level 3 headers. Note: Only list appearances for items or characters that appear by default in missions. Don't list appearances for your team members or any weapons or equipment you may select during inventory selection.


Most information in the Hidden & Dangerous games is commonly known, therefor sources are not mandatorely required. They are required, however, when writing about game reviews, game development, or real life information.


Generally, articles here on the wiki are small, therefor, do not overcrowd them with too many images in the actual article. Based on general article size, considering the infobox as well, only three images are permitted per article. If you have more than three images you wish to place in an article, then create a gallery at the bottom of the page.

Alright, now you should be ready to start creating articles here on the Hidden & Dangerous Wiki. Happy editing!

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