Hans Schumann (Daiburn)
Hans Schumann
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Hans Schumann is a German officer and fighter pilot who appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2. He forms part of the main story line for Operation Nomad.

Physical descriptionEdit

Hans Schumann is a German officer in the Afrika Korps, and the adjutant of it's commander Erwin Rommel. As such, he wears the appropriate uniform. Schumann is unarmed and not dangerous at all, and will even fight with the SAS squad. He is a skilled fighter pilot, and was one of the top aces in his squadron.


Hans Schumann (Canyon of Snakes)

Hans Schumann piloting a Ju 88.

Schumann had given up flying since his promotion to adjutant of the Luftwaffe Division in Africa. He was currently performing an inspection of all Axis military airports in Africa just prior to his capture by the SAS. After being forced to pilot a German aircraft from the Daiburn Airport and evade pursuing German fighters in the Canyon of Snakes, he was handed over to Allied command for interrogation. His fate is unknown.The year he was born is 1900 or 1905.


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