Hamada al-Hamra Map

The map of the Hamada al-Hamra road.

Hamada al-Hamra is a section of desert road located between the town of Abn-Sin-Oan and the Banhira Oasis in Tunisia north Africa.


The region is covered by extensive sand dunes and oil fields are located around this area also. The entire area is open desert and there are no major settlements located hear. At the southern end of the region is the town of Abn-Sin-Oan and the Italian controlled Abn-Sin-Oan Airport. Located at the other end of theis region is the German controlled Banhira Oasis, and even further along the desert road is the Daiburn Airport.


Ju 52 Tante Ju wreck (Hamada al-Hamra)

A crashed Junkers Ju 52 Tante Ju along the Hamada al-Hamra road.

During the invasion of Axis controlled north Africa, Allied fighter-bombers have proceeded to wreck havoc on Axis convoys as they attempted to cross the desert road to reinforce Axis positions further north. In the wake of these attacks devastated German units are desperately attempting to hold defensive positions along the road in hopes of stopping any advancing Allied force. The entire road section is covered with bomb craters and destroyed German vehicles, and both sides of the road have been extensively mined. Despite the heavy losses suffered, the Germans are still highly motivated, and German fighter aircraft from the nearby Daiburn Airport have driven off the Allied fighter-bombers.