German Radio Station (Sumava)

The radio station

The German radio station is a broadcasting radio station located near the Czechs frontier bunker in the Sumava Forest in Czechoslovakia.


The station is mobile, mounted within a trailer. In the Sumava Forest, it was positioned to continuously broadcast a German propaganda message, and send demoralization to Allied forces in central Europe. The station was covered in camouflage netting to hide it from allied aircraft that may attack. Razor wire was alos placed around the station and a small amount of Waffen-SS troops, as well as a German Panzer V Panther tank were positioned here to defend the station against ground attack.


German Radio Station (Sumava 2)

The interior of the radio station

The radio station was moved into position in the Sumava Forest late in the war by a fanatical Waffen-SS unit under Colonel von Clausen's command, when he was preparing to make his last stand at the Czechs frontier bunker located nearby. Under von Clausen's directions, the radio station broadcast demoralizing messages to Allied forces, including allegations that Adolf Hitler was still alive, and prompted other German units that still be operating to continue fighting. This came to little avail, as the station was later disabled when a British SAS team was moving into position to attack the bunker.