German fighting knife (Banhira)
German Fighting Knife
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Technical Specifications

450 grams

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The German Fighting Knife is a fighting knife available in Hidden & Dangerous 2. It is rarely found and only carried by certain German soldiers.


Like it's British counterpart, the Fairbyrne-Sykes Dagger, the German Fighting Knife is perfect for when stealth is absolutely critical, or if out of ammunition. Targets can be dispatched silently relatively close to one another without being alarmed unless actually seeing the dispatching of a comrade.


The German Fighting Knife was developed shortly before World War II as the general bladed combat weapon of the German Army. It was also used by the Waffen-SS.

In GameEdit

The German Fighting Knife only appears once in Hidden & Dangerous 2, during Operation Challenger - Babes In The Wood. It can be found in the inventory of the German truck driver near the end of the mission.


  • The description for the German Fighting Knife in the Hidden & Dangerous 2 instruction manual is the same as that for the British Fairbyrne-Sykes Dagger.


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