Fairbyrne-Sykes Dagger
Production Information


Year introduced


Used by

Great Britain

The Fairbyrne-Sykes Dagger is a fighting knife that is available in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


Like it's German counterpart, the Fairbyrne-Sykes can be used as the ultimate stealth weapon, allowing the player to silently kill enemies at close range.


The Fairbyrne-Sykes was designed in 1939, at the time of the formation of the Royal Commandoes, as a standard close combat melee weapon. It was later adopted by the SAS.

In GameEdit

The Fairbyrne-Sykes is one of two usable knives in the game, and can only be equipped via inventory selection.


  • The description for the Fairbyrne-Sykes Dagger in the Hidden & Dangerous 2 instruction manual is the same as the German Fighting Knife.

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