Elizabeth Salter
Elizabeth Salter
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Great Britain

Elizabeth Salter, also known by the codename Aquitania, is aBritish intelligence officer who has infiltrated into the Adler Castle during Operation Challenger - Estate Agent in Hidden & Dangerous 2.

 Physical DescriptionEdit

Elizabeth Salter has the perfect physical appearance to pass as a young German woman. Her hair is brown and her skin fair. Posing as a German communications officer, her uniform worn in Adler Castle is the German female grey officer uniform. The year she was born might 1915 or 1921.


Elizabeth Salter is an operative for the British Military Intelligence, and was tasked with infiltrating the German stronghold of Adler Castle is Austria. Salter succeeded in getting into the castle and in locating her objective, the identification documents of high ranking Nazi, Gestapo, and SS members. Unable to remove the documents herself, Salter was inform of an inbound SAS units, which assisted her stealing the documents and escaping the castle.


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