Broumov Map

The map of Broumov.

Broumov is a village in the central European country of Czechoslovakia. The village is located in Bohemia near the villages of Lhota and Liptakov.


The village features many buildings typical of 20th Century central European architechture. A main country road runs through the southern section of the village, and there are two other roads running concurrently on the east and west sides village, another running across the north of the village, and another running up the center of the village and forking and then rejoining around the central church of the village. The main roads are connected by various other roads and walkways all around the village.

There are four main buildings in the village of Broumov that are being used by the Germans to store valuable treasure and paintings in hopes of escaping with these to the bunker in the Sumava Forest. A command post and a fuel and ammunition depot are also located in the village.

The German garrison is scattered around the village, making themselves difficult to find in the event of an attack. The garrison mainly comprises of standard German Army troops, but some remnants of fanatical Waffen-SS units are also active in the village. Intelligence reports show that a German convoy may be passing through the village, and it is considered vital to prevent this convoy from reaching the bunker in the Sumava Forest.

Societal informationEdit

Broumov is currently devoid of all civilian and animal life, all of the villages inhabitants had either been rounded up the Germans earlier in the war, and those who remained fled shortly after the Normandy invasion. After the war ended, Broumov was once again populated.