Bren Mk. 2 (Iceberg 4)
Bren Mk. 2
Production Information

Royal Arms Factory


Light machine gun

Technical Specifications

10,130 grams


7.7 mm (.303 inch)

Magazine capacity



600 yards

Muzzle velocity

732 meters per second



Year introduced


Used by

Great Britain

The Bren Mk. 2, also simply known as the the Bren Gun or BREN, is a British light machine gun available in Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2.


The Bren is an effective squad automatic weapon capable of laying down heavy fire in combat. The Bren is extremely heavy, and, unlike it's American counterpart, the M1918 BAR, can only be fired when the operator is lying down. The standard magazine for the Bren was a thirty round curved box magazine attached to the top of the weapon, though it was commonly used with a twenty-eight round magazine to ease tension on the springs generated when firing. The Bren had a good range of 600 yards, but was relatively inaccurate. Personnel operating the Bren in combat were equipped with a very specialized maintenance kit containing spare parts, barrels, gun sights and special mounts for anti-aircraft use.


The Bren was designed in 1937 by the Royal Arms Factory, who based their design heavily on the ZB26, the original Czechoslovakian Bren Gun. The Bren was found to be more powerful than the Czechs weapon, and became popular with British forces fighting in all theaters of the war. The Bren remained in production until 1945, and saw service with other nation's militaries and police forces alike.


  • The Bren can only be fired and reloaded when the character using it is in the prone position.


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